So life has been going at a gradual pace in all aspects.
I still have a bunch of things I want to do on my list and I guess once again, patience is key.
When is it not I just wanted to give myself a reminder that around my next birthday I want to have my foot in the door with bartending.
I think at this point I’m really looking forward to making that my 9-5 while I pursue my other dreams.
I’m counting the days where my nightlife becomes a full time paying thing in every aspect.
I’m a city creeper
I’m gonna be city creeping till i die

Been contemplating reality, I’ve been drifting from house to house, conversation to conversation and hiding in the darkest corners of each room.

These last few days I have notice change within myself, my dependency level is at an all time low and that makes me happy. I can’t wait to just emancipate myself into this world however, I’m not rushing.

I’m focused on a better future, wether you see me working on it or not. I bought a few things I’ve been planning to have. Im already sort of overwhelmed with the fact of people knowing I have a phone, I regret posting social network statuses. I plan on now limiting my social networking, I think I’ll just write a lot more instead of posting useless selfies, or controversial tweets or updates.

I have
No attachment to the material
No ties to anything I can touch

I’m fond of those who touch my mind in places I can’t reach.
I’m just being an optimistic
I’m always daydreaming of one or the other.
Becoming a Buddhist monk after I see how much chaos I can cause in America
Simply making magical tea ;)

Time makes everything more beautiful, if you can’t recognize it, then it wasnt for you to see

what makes me smile

Fate is always lingering around over our shoulder
Destiny is the power to change a variety of fates
Ambition is the driving force behind it.
What would truly make me happy is unobtainable by me alone
Fate and destiny can’t change, destroy or alter it.
Working on me can change some things to help produce what i really want for the future
In order to be great you must be completely confident and willing to fight for what you believe in.
However to me that’s only half the battle.
The people before, during and after the battles in life are who and what makes me really smile.
I know I have made a bunch of new friends and grown to distant to old ones.
I’m talking about the people who fit the grain of my current life, to the point where we are growing together.
Our bonds are like growing into solid oak trees.
Its a beautiful thing to look at someone and know how many years ya been growing and how many more years there are to come.
I can’t control fate
I can’t control someone else’s destiny
Therefore for the people who are here, I’m glad to have shared this thing called life with you
I am sure we going to be at each others 60th birthdays like we still got it

We are just like trees, in the sun

The past is seeds for a new future
Finding the good in the bad parts
Its balance, like the main principles of yin and yang
I’m glad that things happened to make me realize more of who I am
More importantly who I want to be
I’m sad I couldn’t carry some people to my future
However, if it wasn’t for them my future wouldn’t be as bright
Eventually I would have to learn these lessons later in life
Its cool to learn them now.

I feel more at ease .
Revelations are beautiful things .

Its like the first bud on a tree after a long harsh winter .
You can’t halt growth.
You can only not recognize it.
However it will grow whether you realize it or not.

I have had the biggest revelation about sex

The last time I had an edge up, this was me preparing for my first day of orientation for work.
My edge up line and my beard is somewhat unbearable now
However, I know I’m just a trip to the barber from looking society worth again.
So I’m just chilling
I don’t really have anyone to impress Looks fade personal doesn’t, maybe enthusiasm But I’ll be laughing to the grave, because life is a giant joke that no one gets But we laugh anyway

This isn’t about anything. I am not sad, nor happy. I have a feeling of neutrality and complacent. So much to the point i feel a bit uninspired. I’m loving the balance because I have a problem being tipped to easily into the extremes of my emotion.
I’m tired of being still.
I’m ready to be a turbulent force in nature now.
I’m ready to jump on the next breeze and be carried away
I’ve grown up so much, and the growth is only self-acknowledged.
That’s the fundamentals of life however, only you can truly make yourself better.

Anonymous: What's the prize?

An everlasting smile =)

Anonymous: You get paid to dance?! O.O

I have believe it or not, and I kept my clothes on

Nothing satisfies
But I’m getting close
To the prize at the end of the road

When the fighters are all around, all the lovers are underground

Anonymous: What do you do for a living? What artistic things do you do??

If we are talking about typically, I love body movement so I do dance.
However artistically I like to create experiences. The things that inspire the artist to paint or the poet to write. Yea that’s me, I have visions and I like to uphold them

I have been drawing a lot lately, so far just abstract artistic renditions of myself. I have a job and making money but ain’t shit change in the hood. I am coming to be mindful of what the meaning of my bonds with different people. Some bonds can be cut easily and some can only grow, the best bonds grow with me.
This summer I plan on doing a lot of traveling.
Traveling simply as not being in the house, I want my feet on the dirt, concrete or sand wherever it leads me.
Focus is a real hard thing for me however, I’m better than five hour energy and gave up on coffee a long time ago.
I want my own place this fall, not like I have a problem where I’m at. Just simple objectives I have
Life works in mysterious ways everything I held to be true was a fabricated lie. I have my eyes, heart and mind in sync. No longer will I let my imagination take over.
I’m being more open with the new options life has presented me with and the resources I have been given.
Me being easily overwhelmed with to many options easily, I have narrowed down where I put my time and energy into and that’s that.
I’m just looking forward to making life worth it.
One door closes and another one always open.

satsuki new haircut … so much fucking life
im sorry this was the best part of the anime
new beginnings type shit