I am a positive person but I get really tired of aggressive optimism. If someone’s sad, let them be sad. All emotions have purpose. Sadness isn’t destructive if not prolonged. Sadness isn’t unproductive, as it offers awareness. Telling someone to “cheer up” or “be happy” is so ineffective and patronizing. The last thing a sad person needs is for someone to judge their feelings as pointless and unappealing. Welcome sadness, just don’t let it consume you.

wanna know me.
This is step one

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At the cost of the universe

I’m so up and down
When I’m up I just wanna stay up
When I’m down I just wanna sink further
Meanwhile my lips aren’t moving and my facial expression hasn’t significantly changed
Everyone is usually oblivious, I expect it however.
I just adapt so well that I myself get lost in being mentally one place and physically somewhere else.
I just flow through life’s emotion a thousand times in the matter of minutes.
I believe it’s a curse
A curse I’ve been strong enough to keep to myself Only because I’m not trying to be a burden and I can handle myself, in this world

My mom always taught me not to have all my eggs in one basket.
Here I am not knowing where else to put my eggs
Here I am, in love with the same basket
It’s so familiar to me
Why would I leave it
This basket has the most potential to hurt me if it’s gone I’ll have nothing
And here I am
Always prepared to have everything
Or nothing at all

Can’t wait till the winter
Where we aren’t dependent of the sun
We gotta generate our own heat
To face the bad weather
We gotta snuggle closer for warmth
I like the summer
But there’s something sexy about the cold touch of winter


Taking the time out to get to know someone

That seems like a lot of work
Pizza is never work tho
I always have time for that

We throwing a party, how fast can you get to Brooklyn 

You can’t evolve with me
You can’t be with me
I don’t waste my time
I keep it pushin’ shun

So as far I’m concerned my birthday has past and I’m moving on from that.
Moving on from what
From whatever was holding me back
It’s all or nothing
Everyone won’t be there for the climb up
But everyone wants to takes that slide down the hill
I don’t forget
I don’t dwell
I just keep it pushin

I was staring at the wall and for a split second a circular spiral appeared on the wall.
It was obviously a warp in the dimension.
So in retrospect, I just activated my sharingan

NYC kids Brooklyn NY, July 13th 2014

I’m nothing more than a moment in time

The rate at which I truly care about something
Then automatically stop caring at the same time
That’s what really frightens me

money is the reason, its is the tree humanity feeds off of

little trivial things that bring such enjoyment
and I’m often caught in how long these moments will last for
i’ve been trying to find a new appreciation for them.
when i think about life and then i compare it to the millions of them that are on this planet, and then compare that to size of the expanding universe
i can’t help but feel small
but at the same time feel big enough to recognize where i am in this world, this galaxy and the universe.
people are dumb to thing that sun revolves around them
humans are dumb to cause problems with other humans
money is the root of all evil
it is the cause of all the problems
and the reason why a lot of us wake up in the morning
knowledge at one point was that reason
but media has brainwashed us to the point of no return

but what am i to do ?

so here i am trying to appreciate life’s little specks of happiness
person by person just trying to say don’t just look at the stars
but gaze upon them
and really let it sink in